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How conferences like Speak Up Stand Up Save a Life benefit kids

Release date: June 6, 2022

In this episode, I talk with Gina Godbehere, one of the founders of Speak Up Stand Up Save a Life, and Annie Middlemist, the organization’s Executive Director, about their conference’s approach to promoting mental health and reducing suicides, bullying, and substance abuse. I encourage you to listen and evaluate whether the Speak Up Stand Up Save a Life might benefit you or your work. I hope that this episode might also inspire you to a lead your own movement around an unaddressed issue that is important to the kids in your life. Finally, we answer a practical question from a listener about hosting a conference for kids. More information about Gina, Annie, a Speak Up Stand Up Save a Life can be found below.

Biography of Gina Godbehere

Gina Godbehere most recently served as the City of Goodyear Prosecutor, leaving that position to dedicate herself fulltime to her campaign to be the next Maricopa County Attorney. Prior to becoming Goodyear’s Chief Prosecutor, Gina had over two decades of experience in the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office (MCAO) serving as a Bureau Chief and trial attorney in assignments with a wide variety of bureaus, including Juvenile, Gang, Homicide, and the Repeat Offender Unit.

Throughout her twenty-five years of service with MCAO, Gina played an integral role in developing the first Juvenile Drug Court, implementing the Juvenile Transfer Offender Program, and is the co-author and creator of the Ultimate Trial Research Notebook used by prosecution agencies throughout Arizona. For over two decades, Gina has trained hundreds of prosecutors in the art of persuasion and led by example as a fair-minded advocate for justice. She served as Maricopa County’s designated Bias Crimes Prosecutor for over a decade and has tried almost a hundred felony jury trials.

Gina is also the CEO and Co-founder of “Speak Up Stand Up Save a Life,” an organization dedicated to identifying and solving complex societal issues such as substance abuse, bullying and the rising teen suicide rate in Arizona. The vision for this novel collaboration was born from a tragic yet preventable murder-suicide at a local high school. In only 5 years, Speak Up Stand Up Save a Life has enjoyed exponential growth. In 2021, 10,000 students, school employees, parents, law enforcement officers and community leaders attended our annual conference designed to empower youth, enhance school safety, and help prevent the tragedies that too often stem from self-compensation, such as suicide and overdose. Speak Up Stand Up Save a Life is endorsed by the Governor and every Maricopa County municipality. The movement has impacted over 400,000 students throughout Arizona.

Biography of Annie Middlemist

Annie Middlemist is a dedicated thought leader, coach, and consultant raised in Arizona with a passion for empowering young adults towards goals and habits. Working in education and the nonprofit arena for over 20 years, Annie had helped businesses increase their impact through clear messaging, exposure, and targeted marketing. Her experience as a classroom teacher and corporate trainer combined with a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership lends to her ability to develop authentic and trusted relationships. A servant leader, Annie supports educators, parents, and young adults by listening to their unique challenges and providing honest feedback and possible solutions. Annie wants young people to believe they are never alone and that there is a way to work out any problem or challenge they are facing.


Speak Up Stand Up Save a Life

Gina Godbehere




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