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How futurcasting impacts education with Cyndi Coon

Release date: March 3, 2023

Cyndi Coon is an Applied Futurist and a self-described “time traveler and rule-bender.” I first collaborated with Cyndi on an Emerge: A Festival of Futures event at Arizona State University. Since then, I have followed the work of her and her colleagues as they futurcast for government agencies and high-tech private sector companies. What is “futurcasting”? Well, I am going to let Cyndi explain it, but I think you will find that it directly applies to kids and education. More information about Cyndi is below.

Biography of Cyndi Coon

Cyndi Coon is a time traveler and rule-bender, nerding out for good using data and science. She is an author, creative, ecosystem builder, facilitator, narrative builder, producer, and an Applied Futurist for governments, the military, higher education, industry and NGOs.

She is Founder and Principal Futurist at Applied Futures Lab, Founder at Laboratory5Inc. and Co-Founder of the Threatcasting Lab. She is on the board of directors of the People Centered Internet where she leads i4j (global workforce), and Cool abilities projects. She is an Affiliate at the Center for Emergency Management & Homeland Security, is a Co-Chair of the Human Wisdom Committee IEEE Planet Positive 2030 Global Sustainability Standards. Cyndi is the Ecosystem builder for Arizona's Digital Equity Institute, an affiliate at Content Evolution.

Cyndi has peered into the future of: Aerospace, AI, Big Data, Bio-Health, Covid-19, Design Fiction, Digital Currency, Disabilities, Education, Gender Equality, [the] Individual, Information Warfare, Mis/Dis/Mal Information, Shipbuilding, Sports, Truth, Workforce, Weaponization and more. Her clients and collaborators include Army Cyber Institute, BioDesign Institute, Homeland Security, Industrial Base Analysis and Sustainment (IBAS), National Guard, Sandia National Lab, SecureAmerica Institute and US Secret Service, to highlight a few.

Cyndi resides in the high desert mountains of northern New Mexico, USA


Applied Futures Lab


People Centered Internet

Center for Emergency Management & Homeland Security

Human Wisdom Committee IEEE Planet Positive 2030 Global Sustainability Standards

Digital Equity Institute

Content Evolution




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