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How to create a vibrant youth program with Ziana James, Arielle Kelley, and Melina King from YTC

Release date: December 5, 2022

I recently was in a workgroup in which some colleagues were complaining about how difficult it can be to engage teens in out-of-school time activities. That made me think about Youth Taking Charge (YTC), which is the youth component of Tanner Development Corporation’s HEAAL (Help Enrich African American Lives) program. Over the years, I have worked with YTC on some anti-bullying initiatives and found the teen participants to be completely engaged, so I reached out to the team at the Tanner Community Development Corporation to see if they would be willing to provide some tips. They agreed, but, instead of speaking with me themselves, they sent 14-year-old Ziana James, 14-year-old Arielle Kelley, 13-year-old Melina King, three members of YTC’s youth leadership team. In addition to sharing amazing insights on how to create a vibrant youth program, these impressive young leaders provide an example of what a growth mindset looks like in practice. More information about YTC and the Tanner Community Development Corporation can be found below.


Tanner Community Development Corporation



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