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How to foster drawing and cartooning skills in kids with Art Roche

Release date: September 25, 2023

Incorporating the arts into education helps students succeed academically and socially. Despite this, art programs continue to face cuts and even elimination. To help counter this, I enlisted the help of Art Roche. If you have been a fan of animation in the last 20 years, it is likely that you have seen Art’s work or work that he supervised. Art created the Cartoon Network series, Nacho Bear, and he continues to consult on Apple TV+’s Peanuts series, Camp Snoopy. But I asked Art on because of his two wonderful instructional children’s books, Art for Kids: Cartooning and Art for Kids: Comic Strips. If your kids are not getting enough opportunities to be creative, Art can help you get them drawing. More information about Art and his books is below.

Biography of Art Roche

Art Roche is an author/illustrator based in Athens, Georgia. Notable projects include two popular instruction books on cartooning for kids, and an illustrated middle-grade novel. He also works as a creative partner with the Peanuts licensing studio in California, where he consults on the Apple TV animated series, Camp Snoopy.

Art previously created children’s online games and worked as creative director for where he directed online content production and created his own animated series, Nacho Bear.

Art began drawing when he was eight years old and has been cartooning and storytelling ever since. He enjoys helping others discover the joy of cartoons.


Art Roche

Art for Kids: Cartooning

Art for Kids: Comic Strips




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