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How to make the most of a children's museum experience with Kate Wells

Release date: December 12, 2022

The Holiday Season is a great time to take the kids to a children’s museum, but museums can be intimidating, especially if you have not been before. To help you make the most of your next visit, I sought guidance from Kate Wells. Kate is the co-founder and CEO of the Children’s Museum of Phoenix, a top destination in Arizona and one of the highest ranked children’s museums in the U.S. Kate is passionate about her work, and her insights might even help you create your own interactive learning space. More information about Kate and the Children's Museum of Phoenix can be found below.

Biography of Kate Wells

Kate Wells rejoined the Children's Museum of Phoenix in the December of 2013 as President & CEO. In this role, she leads one of the most loved and visited arts & cultural institutions in Arizona, with over 350,000 young children and caregivers expected in 2022. Under her leadership, the Museum continues its focus on exceptional educational exhibits and programs focused on the unique developmental needs of young children ages 0-10, and will grow with educational outreach and advocacy centered around the vital importance of early childhood education.

Prior to re-joining the Children's Museum, Kate was the Associate General Manager of Eight, Arizona PBS and was a founding member of Children's Museum as Director of Development and Communications, she successfully led a $25.8 million dollar capital campaign to open the museum. A graduate of San Diego State University and Arizona State University’s Non-Profit Management Institute, Kate has an extensive background in strategic marketing and fundraising, and has consulted for ASU and over 25 Arizona non-profits. She enjoys volunteering in the community and has served on many boards and committees, is active in the downtown Phoenix community, and enjoys sports, gardening, reading and extreme travel.


Children's Museum of Phoenix




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