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How to share decision making and activity leadership with youth with Ty Muhammad and Sarah Sullivan

Release date: November 6, 2023

If you want the children and youth in your classroom, in your program, or even in your home to succeed, then you need to understand them, but gaining insights or even engaging them as cocreators of their experience is not always easy. Here to discuss what Rising Youth Theatre does to share decision making and activity leadership with the young people in its organization are two of Rising Youth Theatre’s Producing Artistic Collaborators, Ty Muhammad and Sarah Sullivan. This episode was intentionally produced to support the formation and coordination of adolescent-centered care and services, so you also will hear from Vinny Chulani of the Arizona Alliance for Adolescent Health. The episode was recorded live using a webinar platform to encourage questions from Alliance members and other listeners. If you would like to participate in the webinars, you can join the Arizona Alliance for Adolescent Health’s mailing list at More information about Ty, Sarah, Rising Youth Theatre, and the Arizona Alliance for Adolescent Health is below.

Biography of Ty Muhammad

Thameenah “Ty” Muhammad (she/he/they) is a Black {Afro-Caribbean} queer artist and activist. Ty is a Producing Artistic Collaborator with Rising Youth Theatre where she also leads the company's summer camp programs. They are a multidisciplinary artist whose main mediums include: acting, dancing, poetry/spoken word, and visual art. Ty’s work reflects the fire in her heart; he aims to help the world the best she can, whether that’s during a protest or by joking with everyone they meet. Ty is an artist that lives to work with the people who came before them, the homies who work beside him, and the ones that are coming up behind her.

Biography of Sarah Sullivan

Sarah Sullivan (she/her) is a theatre artist, arts administrator, and writer living, working and creating in Phoenix, Arizona. She is a Producing Artistic Collaborator at Rising Youth Theatre, where she focuses on administrative and operational work, building systems that create systemic change and support radical and innovative artmaking. She holds an MFA in Theatre for Youth from Arizona State University and a BS in Theatre and English from Northwestern University. Her background is in both creative and administrative work, having taught and directed all over the Phoenix area, and previously serving as the Director of Development for Childsplay in Tempe. She makes art because it’s how she makes sense of the world, how she builds connections and bridges between people, how she learns and grows.


Rising Youth Theatre

Arizona Alliance for Adolescent Health




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