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How to start a nonprofit with Dan Minton

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Release date: March 6, 2023

There are over 1.8 million nonprofits in the United States. Tens of thousands of new nonprofits are launched every year, and tens of thousands fail. With 10% of the U.S. workforce employed in nonprofits, I thought I would use my experience with HomeBase Youth Services to examine what it is like to found a nonprofit, the role of a nonprofit Board of Directors, and how mature nonprofits grow and embed themselves in communities. My guest for this first episode in the series is Dan Minton. Dan was the first Executive Director of HomeBase, a position that came with very little pay and a lot of heartache. Today, Dan is the Associate Vice President of The Steier Group, a national firm that assists nonprofits with fundraising and capital campaigns. More information about Dan, The Steier group, and HomeBase Youth Services, is available below.

Biography of Dan Minton

Dan and his wife, Mary, have four children: Sam, Maddie, Sarah and Josh. Dan continues to be active in volunteering and service to his church and community. He is an active member of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Scottsdale, Arizona and serves as Vice Chairman on the parish Finance Council. Although he and his wife recently became empty-nesters, he also volunteered to coach his kids' sports teams over the years.

Dan was the co-founder of a nonprofit providing services to homeless and runaway youth in Phoenix. Dan has a typed note with a hand signature from St. Teresa of Calcutta, offering her prayers for the shelter and the youth. Dan also played the drums in a college band called the Garbage Men.

Dan currently works for The Steier Group which provides capital campaign management and support to faith-based organizations, community organizations and schools across the country to fulfill their mission through successful capital campaigns and inspire donor support that aligns with their vision.


HomeBase Youth Services

The Steier Group




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