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How to treat lice with Ilene Steinberg

Release date: October 23, 2023

Lice. We have checked for them, we have been checked for them, and we have worried about the. But how much do we really know about lice? In light of some relatively new guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics, I asked Ilene Steinberg – Founder and CEO of the Center for Lice Control and the so-called “Lice Queen” – to come on the podcast and help me comb through the myths and facts about lice. More information about Ilene and a link to her Professional Lice Treatment kis are below. Talking About Kids listeners receive 15% off the price the kit when they use the code CLCTAKE15OFF.

Biography of Ilene Steinberg

Ilene is the Founder and CEO of Center for Lice Control, a company on a mission to eradicate head lice in the U.S. through educating the public about the prevention, detection, control, and treatment of lice.

They've educated thousands of kids, parents, school staff, sports teams, pediatricians and their nurses, day and overnight camp employees, and more across the U.S. about lice, and they also offer wildly popular lice treatment products without any pesticides or harsh chemicals.

Dubbed "The Lice Queen", Ilene has 20+ years of experience in treating lice infestations, and she has personally checked or successfully treated over 30,000 heads for lice.

She started removing lice while working at an overnight camp owned by her pediatrician, who later referred her to families that needed help. After seeing a demand for her service, Ilene started a home lice-removal business in the late 2000s.

She sold the treatment centers to pursue her passion for educating communities about head lice prevention, reducing the stigma, and handling lice outbreaks with confidence.


Professional Lice Treatment Kit




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