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How understanding history can help LGBTQ+ youth with Marshall Shore

Release date: June 3, 2024

In honor of Pride Month, Talking About Kids is devoting its June episodes to LGBT+ issues. This first installment is about how understanding history can help LGBT+ youth, and my guest is the “Hip Historian,” Marshall Shore. Marshall is known throughout the southwestern United States and beyond for excavating videos, news stories, and other lost artifacts from the distant and not-so-distant past and using them to make history come alive in engaging events. Along the way, Marshall has helped right some past wrongs that were done to LGBT+ Americans and brought attention to both their contributions and hardships they faced. In doing so, Marshall has comforted and inspired LGBT+ youth. He has advice for how you can do the same. More information about Marshall and how to bring him to your community is below.

Biography of Marshall Shore

Marshall Shore is Arizona's Hip Historian or Hipstorian who specializes in finding and sharing the most interesting bits and curiosities from our past: the semi-forgotten people, places, and events that have made us who we are today. As the official “Unofficial Arizona Historian,” Marshall uses storytelling magic, found film footage, old photographs, sound recordings, ephemera, and artifacts to bring our history to life in his entertaining and educational presentations.


Marshall Shore




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