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What a book from 1920 can teach us about caring for kids with KellyAnn Bonnell

Release date: October 2, 2023

For as long as there have been kids, people have offered advice on how to care for them. Talking About Kids is introducing a new segment in which a colleague and I examine classic and obscure books about kids from the distant and not-so-distant past. We will be looking at what has changed and what has stayed the same to try to uncover universal truths and inspiration that you can use as you care for your own kids. In this episode, we analyze a chapter called, “The Bad Child,” from the 1920 book series, The Kindergarten Children’s Hour by Lucy Wheelock. My guest to help me with this effort is KellyAnn Bonnell, the Early Childhood and Elementary Education Coordinator at Feather River College. KellyAnn has an encyclopedic knowledge of early childhood education theory, but she also is a skilled practitioner whom I have seen transform classrooms. More information about KellyAnn is below.

Biography of KellyAnn Bonnell

KellyAnn Bonnell has been in the field of early childhood education for over 30 years. She completed her graduate work at Northern Arizona University with a specialization in teaching young children in crisis long before trauma informed practices. Currently, she is the Early Childhood and Elementary Education Coordinator and primary instructor for Feather River College located in Quincy, California. She is also an Accreditation Guide for the Arizona Center for After School Excellence.

In 2006, KellyAnn had the opportunity to become a field researcher for the Early Childhood Longitudinal study. Her work involved collecting data on the quality of child care settings that the current cohort was attending.

In 2002, KellyAnn founded the organization now known as Pop Goes the Classroom. This organizations uses pop culture as an access point for student learning. This work was recognized in 2014 with a nomination for the Arizona Governor’s Arts Awards in Arts Education. In 2019, she joined the Citizen’s Advisory Committee on Arts Education and was active in developing the Arizona Arts Education Seal and the Arts/SEL crosswalk project.


Early Childhood Education program at Feather River College

Pop Goes the Classroom




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