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What you need to know about what is in your kids' clothing with Simina Gentry

Release date: December 18, 2023

The research is conclusive: how and with what our kids’ clothes are manufactured affects the environment and kids’ health and well-being. As you are about to hear, my guest for this episode, Simina Gentry, is very passionate about this topic, so much so that she started her own store in the U.S. just to ensure that her own child would have access to safe clothing. More information about Simina and her store, Atlantic Children, are below. Talking About Kids listeners receive 20% off at Atlantic Children when they use the code PODCAST20.

Biography of Simina Gentry

Simina Gentry is an accomplished economist and entrepreneur known for her unwavering commitment to excellence and her passion for bringing a touch of European elegance to American homes. As a devoted mother to a 12-year-old, Simina combines her education from USC and Harvard with her professional economics background. As a European native it was on a trip to Austria that rekindled her passion for the unparalleled beauty and quality of European clothing, igniting a vision to share these remarkable products with the American public. She appreciates how European styles offer children age-appropriate choices, allowing them to savor the sweetness of their childhood without the rush to grow up too soon. Fueled by the belief that in today's interconnected world, it's possible to bring Europe to America's doorsteps, Simina is on a mission to make unique, European fashion readily accessible, sparing her fellow Americans the need to travel across the Atlantic. As Simina has seen the positive US consumer reception of European clothing for children, she has embarked on expanding the product lines to include home, accessories, gifts and holiday products from Europe.


Atlantic Children

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