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How a healthy democracy can support healthy families with Sandra Gutierrez

Release date: May 6, 2024

Vot-ER is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that believes that a healthy and inclusive democracy makes for healthy communities. To that end, Vot-ER works to integrate civic engagement into healthcare. My guest this episode to discuss Vot-ER’s rationale, how it goes about promoting an inclusive democracy, and what you can to do to achieve similar goals in your community and for issues you care about is Vot-ER’s West Coast Deputy Field Director, Sandra Gutierrez. The episode was recorded live using a webinar platform to encourage questions from Alliance members and other listeners. If you would like to participate in the webinars, you can join the Arizona Alliance for Adolescent Health’s mailing list at More information about Sandra, Vot-ER, and the Arizona Alliance for Adolescent Health is below.

Biography of Sandra Gutierrez

Sandra Gutierrez is the Western Region Deputy Field Director for Vot-ER. Based in Tucson, AZ Sandra loves engaging voters at the local and state level. She has over a decade of community organizing experience and is committed to making a difference in her community by volunteering as the current Moms Demand Action, Tucson Chapter Co-Lead. Sandra’s passion comes from working to prevent others from experiencing gun violence. When she is not working or tabling a local Moms Demand Action event Sandra spends time with her husband and 8 year old son. They love cheering on University of Arizona Baseball, enjoying live music, and visiting Mt. Lemmon.



Arizona Alliance for Adolescent Health




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