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How faith communities build resilience in kids with David Myles

Updated: May 3

Release date: April 29, 2024

The website for the Center for the Developing Child at Harvard University lists the factors that “predispose children to positive outcomes in the face of significant adversity.” Among them is “sources of faith.” My guest this episode to help me understand how faith traditions build resilience is David Myles. David is an award-winning speaker, radio host, and professor who attributes his own resilience in the face of adversity to his faith. David generously allowed me to ask him some difficult questions about the role of that faith and the mechanisms of its impact. More information about David is below.

Biography of David Myles

David R. Myles is a sought-after, award-winning international speaker, college professor,

leader, consultant, and radio co-host. He is the President of PDM Enterprises, Inc., a professional business and management consulting firm that supports federal, state and local government, private for-profit and non-profit clients in “Transforming Your Greatest Asset: People”, and the David Myles Group, Inc., inspiring and equipping student and leaders to transform the world.

With over 25 years of people, leadership development and training experience, with diverse

communities and leaders, David’s vast experience has allowed him to impact students and

leaders across a broad section. David has served as a university and Graduate School professor preparing and equipping the next generation of student leaders, on numerous nonprofit boards and leader from all industry sectors. David is passionate about helping people “change the lens through which they see themselves, their world, and transform both.” His strong background in social and emotional learning, leadership development, speaking, presenting couple with serving various backgrounds and leaders makes him the perfect fit.


David Myles

PDM Enterprises 




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