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How household chores strengthen families with Lori Sugarman-Li

Updated: May 3

Release date: April 15, 2024

There are many things I could say about the importance homelife. Chiefly among them is the fact that the behaviors and relationships that are modeled for children in the home are paramount to their healthy development. A close second is the fact that the work required to maintain a home and care for a family is undervalued in the marketplace. My guest today is Lori Sugarman-Li. Lori’s brand-new children’s book, Our Home: The Love, Work, and Heart of Family, takes on both of these issues, illuminating unpaid labor and encouraging families to take on the work of the home as a way to bond and promote individual growth. More information about Lori and Our Home: The Love, Work, and Heart of Family is below.

Biography of Lori Sugarman-Li

Lori Sugarman-Li believes deeply in the power of families and is a passionate voice in the cultural shift aiming to articulate the value and visibility of unpaid work. Her career as a Communications Strategist, combined with a decade devoted to full-time care of her family, community, and children's charities worldwide, served as the inspirational backdrop for her professional relaunch as a Coach, Speaker, and Author. She is dedicated to fostering meaningful conversations within families, encouraging them to contemplate how they care for one another and their shared space. Lori, her husband, and two sons are Canadian-born and live steps from Lake Michigan in Chicago.


Our Home: The Love, Work, and Heart of Family 




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