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How to pay for college with Ann Garcia

Release date: February 20, 2023

If you are a parent or you work with parents, then you know that the topic of paying for college can be unpleasant, which I why I am so glad that I was introduced to this episode’s guest, Ann Garcia. Her book, How to Pay for College, is easy-to-read and implement. More importantly, Ann is committed to the belief there is a college that fits your budget, your values, and your kid, but it might not be the one you are focused on right now. More information about Ann, including information on purchasing How to Pay for College, is below.

Biography of Ann Garcia

Ann Garcia, aka The College Financial Lady, has helped thousands of families save millions of dollars on college. A fee-only Certified Financial Planner and managing partner of Independent Progressive Advisors, Ann specializes in helping families balance the desire to support their children’s dreams with the reality of funding their own lives. Her book How to Pay for College is available from bookstores everywhere; its companion online course is available now and has an affiliate option for podcast hosts.

Early in Ann’s career as a financial advisor, she heard the same two questions again and again from her clients. One group asked, “How can we possibly afford to save for college and retirement?” Another group asked, “How can I save for retirement when I’m paying so much on my student loans every month?” In working with families– including her own– to plan for college, Ann has learned that a good college plan is equal parts good parenting and good financial planning.

Ann has been featured in the New York Times, US News & World Report, CNN Money and countless other media. Ann and her husband, Bob, live in Portland, OR. Their twins will graduate debt-free from college next year.


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