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What you need to know about kids and surveillance capitalism with David Donnelly

Updated: May 29

Release date: March 25, 2024

Talking About Kids has addressed the potential dangers of screens, social media, and our increasingly digitized economy before, but a new documentary, The Cost of Convenience, examines the harm surveillance capitalism is doing to kids in a way that is both subtler and more disturbing. My guest to discuss the film is its Director, documentarian David Donnelly. More information about David and The Cost of Convenience is below.

Biography of David Donnelly

David Donnelly is an American filmmaker renowned for his impactful documentaries in the classical music realm, notably his award-winning debut, Maestro, featuring stars like Paavo Järvi, Joshua Bell, Hilary Hahn, and Lang Lang. This film, translated into multiple languages and has been broadcast worldwide, is highly regarded as an educational tool in music education. Following Maestro, Donnelly directed Nordic Pulse and Forte, completing a trilogy offering an unparalleled glimpse into classical music. His work, relevant amid the Ukraine invasion, includes narratives on Estonia's Singing Revolution, showcasing his storytelling's depth. Donnelly's films have been showcased at prestigious venues like the Whitney Museum and the Kennedy Center, underlining his status in both the art and film communities. In 2021, he co-founded CultureNet and announced The Cost of Convenience, the first in a new trilogy exploring technology's cultural implications. Donnelly's career extends beyond filmmaking; he's a sought-after speaker, sharing insights from interviews with global thought leaders across over 30 countries.


The Cost of Convenience




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